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Do you want to get your name in lights at the beer festival?  Why not sponsor a cask.  It is a quick, cheap way of promoting either your company, or getting a message to your loved one in the programme – all for a cheap £20

Simply fill in the form below, send in with payment and we’ll do the rest!

Sponsor a Cask Scheme 2017

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One thought on “Your Name Here…

  • Albert

    1. There was no need for that music last year, especially with it being downstairs in another part of the building. The bands were great of course but not very Beer Festivally. It’s a Beer festival not a Rock Festival.

    2, So, nice to see plan for 2017 having acoustic only. In the hall? I suppose that should, hopefully, work. A side bar could have been used maybe?

    3. Good to see one of the side bars being used for the food.

    4. Hopefully, this will cut down the need for the chap with the big moustache/big voice/big personality booming over the tannoy so much.

    5. It was a fantastic atmosphere last year, with just beer and conversation in teh Royal Hall (wow! what a venue!).

    So, is there a need for music actually in the hall (we’ll have to see, I’m hapy if it works ok). Only problem last year was the good atmosphere being punctuated by the often needless tannoy announcements

    Hopefully constructive criticism there. Love what is happening, love the beer festival – well done all involved.

    See you all in a couple of months.