Meeting two is well underway, with the beers flowing and agenda points being rattled off. This meeting we have covered logos, glasses and the festivals good cause! Sponsors are also being sought so if you would like to sponsor a cask, or even an advert in the programme, please let […]

2nd Meeting Underway

Planning is well underway for the 2017 Isle of Man Beer Festival. A lot of people will arrive at the beer festival and not be aware of how many hours (and pints) have gone in to organising the event.  We are at the stage of hiring the venue, and putting together […]

1st Planning Session Underway

Dates for your diary everyone! The Isle of Man Beer and Cider Festival will be back on Thursday the 6th April until Saturday the 8th April 2017! More details will be confirmed in due course. See you there

Save the Date

Time has been called on the Isle of Man Beer Festival! A big thanks to all who came, but an especially big thanks to all who volunteered throughout the festival, both those on the beer and cider bars, working in the foyer, those working behind the scenes on getting it […]

2016 All Done