Busy Friday night…

The Friday night session maxed out to capacity after about 30 minutes, and we are operating on a one in, one out basis.  Bands starting at 7:00 with the Bus Pass Blues followed by Lava El Elefante.

Most beers are still available at the moment, however we have moved onto the second casks of a few of the more popular ones.  Others are running low though, so get in quick before your favourite runs out.


Visits up on the first day

All the figures are in for the first day, and there has been a 10% increase in visitors for the first day of the beer festival.  This year, we had a more people visit us during both sessions than the same time last year.

Most beers are still available, however there are a couple we are still waiting to go on.  Further checks will be done tomorrow, and we will update the site with what is available.

Big thanks to all who visited us, and also a thanks to all the volunteers who were working there today.

10th to 12th April 2014 featuring over 100 Real Ales, Ciders, Perries and Fruit Wines